Start Your Educational Journey Early

As academics becomes more and more important to future generations – and college admissions becomes more and more competitive – think about how immensely a student’s future can be impacted with a college counselor who can provide the following:

General Assessment

Academic Evaluation
Hobbies & Interests
Personal Strengths

Short-term Planning

Selecting Classes
Choosing Extracurriculars
Research Opportunities

Long-term Benefits

Intellectual Development
Career Focus

Going to school isn’t just about receiving good grades – it’s about preparing you to learn for life; sometimes, you need a professional to point you in the right direction.

For 6th to 11th Grade Students

We offer:
1. Four private classes with four small group classes (both 1.5 hours)
2. Six private classes
spaced out over each year.

We also provide

Opportunities for students to discover, explore, and expand their specialized hobbies with top-tier educators in their respective fields:


Acquire new skills ranging from quick sketching to watercolor to digital design.


Find an activity that will keep you healthy and benefit you for a lifetime.


Improve your literary composition abilities and express yourself in a more concise manner.


Learn to solve real-world problems and unlock your analytical thinking potential.

Fully explore your interests — we will always be here to help.

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